Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall Nesting!

The calendar page has turned,
and September has arrived!
It's my favorite time of year...
let the nesting begin! :-)

To begin the day, a pot of coffee -
Folgers Flavors "Cinnamon Swirl"!

And we certainly need a treat from the kitchen! I just couldn't resist trying Sandra's Applesauce Puffs after I saw them on Kelli's blog. Yummy! :-)

September means it's time to get out my
favorite Susan Branch book,

And, find some things I bought end-of-season
last year...that I had forgotten all about!

You gotta have some apples on the hutch!
But, shhh! they're not real. ;-)
Don't tell!

I'll replace my summer time parfait glasses
with blue enamel mugs. They're just waiting
to serve up some hot cocoa...

I'll open the door and let some fall leaves
blow in on the bookshelves... ;-)

and place some Indian corn out
to enjoy their lovely colors.

It'll be a little while
until we need a fire in the fireplace,
so for the time being, candles on the hearth
will add a glow to our evenings.

I'll need to get the quilts freshly washed and ready,

and put out some puzzles 

and games for family fun nights.

Miss Daisy says,
"I'm ready for autumn, Mommy!"

And look, my sweet husband just rehung my
favorite clock! I love to hear it chime -
it sounds so homey! :-)

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
~Elizabeth Lawrence

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Happy "Fall Nesting" from Heritage Schoolhouse! :-)