Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Itty Bitty Egg

Do you remember the surprise in the nesting box -
 the giant egg?

Well, today I got another surprise.
But this time it was a teeny, tiny egg!

It looks like a bird's egg - so small!


A friend of mine, who is vacationing in Scotland right now
(and wearing sweaters!!),
made some strawberry freezer jam yesterday...

and it just ate me up 
that I hadn't made any yet this summer!

So, a little spur of the moment freezer jam session was in order.
Yes, just a day after my peach jam and jelly session!

Have you seen the new Better Homes and Gardens
canning supplies at Wal-Mart??

Cuteness overload! :-)

You can find the freezer jam recipe here.

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