Saturday, May 3, 2014

Home is Where the Heart Is

Sometimes I find myself missing our house in town.
The house where I could keep the floors clean
because we had sidewalks and paved drives.
The house where I had picked out every paint color, floor covering, counter top 
and light fixture.  And everything matched!
The house where I could walk to the corner store if I had to.

Four years ago this week, we sold that house and bought a quirky home in the country that someone else built.  And, in my opinion, very little matches!

I never seem to linger on my thoughts of missing that house in town too long though
because I quickly remember this home is where I hear our duck quacking 
and splashing outside my window.
Where I have wildflowers in my front yard.
Where I don't have an HOA telling me what I can and can't do.
Where I have room to roam and room to breathe.
And where I have pets that feed me breakfast. :-)

Home is where the heart is.  And my heart is certainly right here.