Friday, December 3, 2010

~Simple Christmas Joys~ Day 3

Decorate a Christmas tree for your feathered friends!

I chose a small cedar tree in our yard,
and gathered some materials I had on hand.

peanut butter

I dried some apples (a few hours in a 200 degree oven)
and used jute to make them into ornaments.

I used some hollowed out clementines to make little birdseed holders.

I strung some peanuts and 

apple slices.

Tied a few gingham bows. 

This birdseed bell was the only thing I purchased for the tree.
Just couldn't pass it up when I saw it!

Of course I added a peanut butter bird seed pine cone. :-)

And I strung some cranberries.
(I read that birds don't need popcorn - it's empty calories and not good for them.)

I loaded everything up and headed out to decorate!

I hope to see some birds (and not just squirrels and raccoons!) enjoying their special tree. :-)

(This project would also be great for little hands with some adult help!)

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