Friday, April 24, 2015

Menu Plan

Supper Menus
April 25th - May 1st 


out for supper

lemon pepper tilapia, steamed brocoli, squash, and carrots, orzo pasta

zuppa toscana, garlic breadsticks 

grilled sausage links, baked beans, potato salad 

bbq on tortillas, coleslaw, jalapeno poppers, chocolate chip cookies 

out for supper

Monday, April 20, 2015



Some friends of our's daughter was given three pygmy goats recently.
Her boyfriend gave them to her when he asked her to 
"goat" to the prom with him!  Isn't that cute? 
Since they were a surprise, they didn't have time to get a place ready for them, 
so they asked us to keep them for a few days while they built a pen.

We said sure!
They were so cute. 

They were no trouble at all.
Mr. H. still doesn't want any goats of our own though.
He has always had a "no goat" policy. ;-)

They were named Rocky, Bella, and Dixie.

Daisy loved them of course.

Daisy makes friends with everyone. :-)

~Easter Kitchen~

Does anyone else fear running out of butter during a holiday... ;-)

Spring Kittens

Reeces had five kittens the day after we got back from our camping trip.
A calico, a gray, and three orange, tiger striped 
that we CANNOT tell apart - they are identical!

Some friends of ours are going to take two of them when they are a bit older.
We'll probably keep the calico for sure. 

A Campout Meal - Indoors!

A few weeks after our camping trip to Arkansas
we enjoyed a campout meal - indoors!

We have a nephew and two nieces living nearby while they are in college 
and we have them over to eat once a week.  
The campout meal was a hit with them 
and afterwards we enjoyed a slide show of pictures from the camping trip.

While Mr. H. cooked hobo meals on the grill,
I boiled some fresh corn on the cob on the stove,
baked biscuits in a cast iron skillet,

and made an apple pie, also in a cast iron skillet.

Shh!  Don't tell, but I used a pre-made pie crust and a can of apple pie filling... ;-)
It was SO easy and delish.

A campout meal is fun! 


My daughter kept seeing a dog at the end of our road that didn't have a collar or tags on.
One day she opened the door of her truck and he jumped in.
She brought him home, because we don't have enough dogs already ;-) 
and he has lived on our front porch since. 

He's sweet.
She named him Nugent. 

He likes us. :-)

Three Truck Family :-)

An old truck for a young boy.

1987 Ford Flareside 

It needs a little work.

But, that's the way it should be. :-)

Arkansas Camping

For Spring Break this year my family took a camping trip
to Arkansas.  We went to the Shady Lake campground in the Ouachita Forest. 
We've camped there before and just love it.

It rained the first evening ,
but the rest of the time we were there the weather was really nice.

Sleeping outside is pretty much my favorite thing ever,
so I was a happy girl for three nights.

A handsome, bearded man in flannel frying bacon.
Another favorite thing. ;-)

We hiked up to a fire lookout one morning. 

And Mr. H. manned the campfire every night.  

If you're looking for a nice campground in Arkansas, 
I highly recommend Shady Lake!

I can't wait to go back. :-)