Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Update on the Baby Calf

The baby calf has been here a week today
and I am happy to say that he seems to be doing well.
He hasn't wanted to take a bottle with milk replacer,
but he is eating sweet feed happily.

Either on his own or of out of my hand. ;-)

He's drinking and sleeping well and learning to chew his cud.
I even heard him moo a little this afternoon!
He seems really interested in the other animals also.
He's always watching the chickens, LuLu and the dogs and cats.
It's so cute!

But, the most encouraging thing about his behavior 
is how hard it was to get this picture of me with him.
Last week I was petting and scratching him like you would a dog.
That worried Mr. H. because you really shouldn't be able to do that to a cow.
I told him it was because he was missing his Momma, 
that he was going to grow up really tame after being here with us, 
how I'm a cow whisperer, etc, etc! ;-) 

Well, it was really just because he was weak and not strong enough to show his displeasure.  Haha!  
I was so happy today when he was acting ornery, 
NOT wanting his picture made with me,
 and showing me just how much stronger he's gotten!  Yay! :-)

And he has a name now.
My daughter named him, "Uno" - the first cow. :-)

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