Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Tips

I thought this was a really neat idea. It comes from "101 Ways to Cut Out the Clutter" by Emilie Barnes. I am forever making lists of projects to tackle when I have bits of time, but this way just sounds like so much more fun. Instead of going to a boring list and just doing what is next, you get to be surprised at what you are going to accomplish! ;-)

The Idea Jar

"If you can't decide what to do next to make your home better organized, try this. Cut some paper into strips and write down the various projects that need to be done on each of those strips. Place them in a jar - mix them up. When you need to decide what comes next, place your hand in the jar and select one slip of paper. If it reads, "de-clutter the pantry," that's what you do next. When you need another task go back to the jar and reach in. Bam! You have your next project! As new projects come to mind, write them down an another slip of paper and then drop them into the jar."
~from "101 Ways to Cut Out the Clutter" by Emilie Barnes