Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Our hearts grow tender
with childhood memories and love of kindred,
and we are better throughout the year for having,
in spirit, become a child again
at Christmas-time."

~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Oh, home spun yarn, are we going to get along???
I am having my doubts... ;-)

Gingerbread Houses :-)

This evening, as the children were decorating
this gingerbread house...

... Mr. H. was decorating
this gingerbread house. :-)

Easy Christmas Decorating Idea

Do you have framed pictures of family around your home? Maybe some in the kitchen where you spend so much time?

For the month of December, replace the ones in the frames with Christmas photos - the children with Santa when they were little, family Christmas card portraits, candids of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning from years past, snapshots of favorite holiday activities and beloved traditions. Gather ones you have, match the sizes up to a frame each will fit in and...ta-da! You have instant Christmas decorations that will warm your heart! Leave the original pictures in the frames and just put the Christmas ones on top, so after Christmas all you have to do is walk around and take out the holiday pictures as you put away your other decorations. Each year you'll have a few new ones to add. Have fun!

More holiday fun can be found at The Inspired Room! :-)
The Lasting Gifts

So many times dear ones will ask
What would you like this day,
And what would bring you Christmas joy
That I might give away?
A question posed a hundred times,
And yet we do forget
The treasures that would mean the most,
The dearest gifts to get.
Expectancy - rich happiness,
Good health that means so much,
Undying faith in God above,
A loved one's tender touch,
A peace of mind - a happy heart,
A confidence serene,
A worthwhile thought to live and grow,
A lovely lasting dream.
These are the gifts - the lasting gifts -
To treasure through the years,
A zest for living each new day,
A smile instead of fears.
What would you like this Christmas Day?
So much we all possess;
Abundantly our God gives all
In lasting happiness.

~ Garnett Schultz
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