Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Home Tour 2013

Come along with me and I'll take you on a little tour of 
Heritage Schoolhouse all decked out for Christmastime. :-)

Mr. H. and my son are always in charge of outside lights.
The first year we lived in this house, Mr. H. hung lights on the roof.
Our roof is high and pointy.
We both almost had heart attacks.
Then Mr. H. decided to just put lights on what he could reach from the ground.
Christmas is less stressful now. ;-)
But, just as beautiful!

When you step inside the first little tree you see
is decorated with brown and gold balls
and my tiny little western ornament set. 

I put lighted garland on the mantle and hearth 
for the first time this year and I really like it!

Our big tree in the den is covered with all of our sentimental family ornaments.
And, it's Daisy's favorite place to be during December.

The snow village is on top of the piano.

And, I like to have greenery and pinecones everywhere!

Of course there are bows on ALL the antlers.

Six sets just in the living area! ;-)

I keep my fancy Christmas dishes in the hutch.

And, my more fun dishes on the butler's pantry.

These are my newest dishes this year.

Love. :-)

The tree in our bedroom is in our front bay window.

It's my "matchy matchy" tree with my 12 days of Christmas ornaments,

my fancy red and gold glass ornaments,
the special crocheted popcorn that my grandmother-in-law made,

and some very sentimental gold ornaments that I was given
 each year during childhood from a special aunt.

I have a Christmas quilt on our bed,
and this year, instead of putting the Christmas pillow shams on the bed
I used them to temporarily "recover" the bedroom rocking chair to match the bed!

Daisy approved. :-)

I haven't finished my Christmas kitchen for this year just yet,
so that will have to be a tour for another day.

I hope you enjoyed your visit!

Thank you Kelly for hosting. :-)

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