Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walkin' On Sunshine Day 10

Sunshine Walkers I have failed you! :-( The weather and my schedule got me today and I didn't get my walk! I pledge to walk twice tomorrow...

Can you ever forgive me?! ;-)

If you walked today, please post your progress!

And welcome to one more sunshine walker - Regina! :-)

Guess what? Tomorrow we'll be half-way done! :-)

A Simple Little House

"I like a simple little house

With flowers by the door,

An ample larder for my needs
And not much more in store.

I like a window toward the sun
And doors that open wide,

The trickle of a bath for birds
With feathered friends beside.

I like a tidy nook inside
Where my books and slippers lie,

A cup for tea, a magazine,

A warming hearth nearby.

I like some trinkets on the sills,
White ruffles at the panes,

The comfort of a sturdy roof
To shelter me from rains.

I like the cozy ambiance,
A place of sweet retreat

Where life unfolds along the way
And each new day's a treat!"

~Virginia Borman Grimmer

Sweet Kelli, at There Is No Place Like Home, shared this poem and pictures of her cozy home on Monday, with an invitation for others to do the same. Thank you Kelli! I love this poem and enjoyed putting pictures of my "simple little house" with it! :-)

Please leave me a comment, and let me know, if you share the poem on your blog, too!