Thursday, August 25, 2011

I admit it -

the members of my family are complete and total...
tortilla snobs.

We DO NOT eat the flour tortillas that are sold in the bread aisle at the grocery store.
If I brought those home, 
Mr. H. might use one as a coaster,
he might throw one like a frisbee,
 but he would never, ever eat one. ;-)

We are lucky enough to have a tortillaria inside our local grocery store.
The tortillas are delicious and fresh every day.
And I have been very happy to buy a bag every other week or so to meet all of our tortilla needs.

But, I've been wondering for awhile now,
could I make some at home???
I remember my parents making them often when I was growing up.

So...we gave it a shot tonight.

I rolled them out and Mr. H. manned the griddle.
And I immediately realized why it always seemed like my parents made tortillas TOGETHER.
It's much easier as a two man job. :-)

Twelve tortillas were eaten in record time.
We all agreed they were better than the tortillaria's. 
And my daughter requested only these from now on. 
I don't think I'll argue with her. :-)