Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sunflower Seeds!


Hundreds of seeds in each sunflower blossom.

I just watched a youtube video on how to harvest and roast them.

I learned that you know they are ready to harvest 
when they are striped black and white.

These are ready!

I've learned a lot this year about growing sunflowers.
I planted 12 seeds in April and 6 plants survived.
The ones I lost were from a combination of not staking them from the beginning
(which I should have done and will next year)
and also what I thought at first 
was heavy rains beating them down and breaking the stalks.
But it actually wasn't the rain.  I discovered some bugs on the them 
and we sent a picture to my husband's awesome entomologist friend.

He told us they were agricultural termites
and that either fire ants or a little spectracide would kill them.
And sure enough, after they were gone,
none of the other stalks broke even after heavy rain!

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More the Merrier Monday

National Peach Month

August is national peach month!
I thought I'd share some of our favorite recipes that use
delicious, fresh peaches.

Here they are, in no particular order. :-)

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More the Merrier Monday

They're not babies anymore...

The kittens are 15 weeks old now and getting to be 
almost as big as their little momma. :-)

They supply us with hours of entertainment. :-)




Momma Reeses

They think that my son's go kart is their own personal jungle gym.

And of course our tennis shoes still hold a special fascination to them. 

Ah, such a sweet, sweet face. :-)

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