Saturday, February 15, 2014

Warming Up!

Oh boy we've had some chilly days and nights for the past few weeks -

Days with temps not out of the 30's.
Weeks with barely a peek at the sun.
Delayed school starts.
Ice, sleet and even snow flurries.

That's some cold business for us folks down here in Texas!

But things started to warm up this week and it is so nice.
Yesterday the temperature rose steadily throughout the day and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
And today was just gorgeous!  I spent as much time outside as possible.

I checked in on Merle.
He is looking good at 5 weeks out until show.

My daughter's dog Remington turned one year old this week on the 13th.

We had a nice Valentine's day.

I made some chocolate covered strawberries for the family.

Mr. H. got me a single rose and we went to our church's couples Valentine's Day dinner.
The food was absolutely wonderful and the entertainment was even better!
We enjoyed a delightful evening with 21 other couples.  Fun times!

My son and his friends were outside working hard today.

They filled sand bags for a shooting berm. 

Mr. H. and I got some plants in the ground, too.
Sixteen seed potatoes, an onion set, carrots, beets, radishes, and lettuce.

And oh how the animals are loving the sunshine!

Mr. H. took a picture of Taylor Swift and I 
and then I just sat in the grass for a little bit and snapped some shots of all my critters!

Have a happy weekend friends! :-)

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