Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Baby Blanket

I've gotten a little more work done,
on my latest knitting project.
Can you see the heart?

And the teddy bear? :-)

Bible Quiz Day 66

Answer to question 65 - Pilate (Luke 23)

Question 66 - Herod beheaded __________, the brother of John.

Decorating a Farmhouse Kitchen

~with things on hand~

I was inspired by sprinkles, colored sugars, and candies
that I saw displayed in Mason jars at a restaurant 
in (of all places!) New York City.

I thought, why keep dry goods tucked away in a cabinet?

I had a case of mason jars leftover from 
that were just sitting around.
So, I filled them up with beans, pastas, rice, couscous and oats
and plan to sit them out on the kitchen counter.

The bonus?  I freed up two whole shelves in the cabinet!

"Starting" Over ;-)

I  regret to inform you,
that the sour dough bread starter experiment
did not succeed...

I am planning to try a recipe that uses a bit of yeast next.

I'm still craving some homemade sour dough bread.
I will not be defeated! ;-)

My birthday present!

I ask my Daddy to make me a little stool to sit on in the barnyard.

So this is what he made me for my birthday! :-)

Recycling Feed Sacks

into useful tote bags! 
These are really fun to make.

I learned a lot making my first one.

And thought my second attempt
turned out better!

I used the instructions found on this blog.
Can't wait to make more!