Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Inspiration and a Favorite Fall Meal

I always look forward to the first supper we have in the fall after I put out 
my fall table linens and dishes.
That supper was tonight this year!

I started getting out some of my fall things over the weekend after I was inspired by this sweet little gift.

One of my college-aged nieces came over to eat supper with us on Saturday 
and watch the Aggie game.
She walked in the door talking about how much she loves fall 
and how she wanted to share her excitement with me.  
Then she handed me a goody bag. :-)
How precious and thoughtful she is!

Our supper tonight was made up of two of my favorite recipes to make together -

I like to make them together because the oven time and temp is the same for both recipes. 

Doesn't that bread look like that expensive "artisan bread" you can by at the grocery?!
You have to plan ahead a little to make it, 
but it's just SO easy to make at home.

The lemon chicken and vegetables always smell so good while baking.

We couldn't wait to dig in tonight!

What are some of your favorite fall meals?