Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mr. H. finished up Miss LuLu's permanent yard today.

We liked where we had put her temporarily,
so Mr. H. built a nice fence on the spot
and attached it to the chicken's yard.

He gave her a sun and rain shelter
and a wall that will block north winds. 

I think she likes it.


I think I know why they're called "deviled" eggs...

And, I think someone that had to peel farm fresh eggs to make them
was the one that named them that.

Oh, fresh eggs are SO hard  to peel!!
I have tried all the "tricks" and still I can't be successful.
I can peel a grocery store egg like nobody's business,
but a fresh egg?  
Even my oldest fresh eggs are still too fresh. ;-)

I hard boiled a dozen eggs today to make deviled eggs
and I had one, ONE, decent looking one when I was done.

No deviled eggs tomorrow,
but a lot of egg salad sandwiches this week! :-)