Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

...at least in the kitchen! ;-)

I always start my Christmas decorating
by putting out my holiday dishes. :-)

We enjoyed our first festive supper this evening!

A rainy, cold day had me in the mood
for tummy-warming Italian food!

A simple and easy to prepare meal

of tortellini,

caesar salad,

and garlic bread

left plenty of time to get the tree up
and ready for ornaments tomorrow!

The forecast for our neck of the woods is calling for chilly temps
the rest of the week and maybe even some snow!

I think the fireplace will stay pretty busy the next few days. :-)

Christmas Kisses

I visited a sweet friend of mine this afternoon.

She has downs syndrome
and with her sweet spirit,
she is a walking reminder of the truly important things in life.
I love her dearly.

I told her if she would eat one chocolate kiss each day,
when she got to the last one in the bag,
it would be Christmas day!


is here!