Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Supper on the Bayou

I am very unfamiliar with Cajun food and reading the menu tonight was a bit like being in a foreign country to me. ;-) My daughter was our little cajun cuisine fan, loving her gumbo.
My son stuck to his Texas roots, though, and ordered a steak and a baked potato. ;-)

We tried rice dressing, Cajun fries and corn macque choux. I loved the corn - spicy and sweet in a little biscuit pie! Mr. H. enjoyed "shrimp stuffed with pepperjack cheese and tasso, wrapped with apple wood-smoked bacon...fried golden and set atop crawfish cardinal sauce". He's obviously on a health kick. ;-)

Cajun fine dining! ;-)

And, how fun - my family back in Texas went to Prejeans and watched us on the web cam! :-)

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