Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 1st Day of Summer!

It's felt like summer here in Texas for weeks now,
but today is the first day of summer
according to the calender. :-)

I have listed some wonderful things of summertime here .
What are your favorite things about summertime? :-)

illustration courtesy of
"Summer Rental" by Susan Stallman


Sharon said...

Happy First Day of Summer to you too Mrs. H :)

After looking at your list I would say that we do have alot in common :)

To your list I would add:

~Toe Rings :)
~Homemade Marshmallows to toast over the fire (recipe on my blog :))
~Canning the harvest
~Iced Coffee
~Camping and Hiking
~Tomato Sandwiches on white bread w/mayo :)

Most people I know call Lightning Bugs Fireflies. It is nice to see someone call them Lightning Bugs too!

Happy Summer!


Amy Jo said...

Beautiful picture. I definitely have to say THE BEACH, THE BEACH, THE BEACH!!! :-) Can't wait to read your list. Sweet blessings, Amy

Lisa said...

Summer is my favorite season so I really have too many "favorite things" to name. But this summer I have loved the natural beauty of my state. For a few weeks in May we had rain every day so every thing is green, green, green. I love driving the back roads and seeing the dark, almost shiny green corn growing in its neat rows for acres upon acres. I love watching and examining all the different plants growing in the gardens. Swimming at the river, fishing, reading a book on the porch, days spent at the pool, grilled hotdogs and smores, making jam and canning food with my dad, dates with my hubby when we just walk around the park at dusk....those are few of my favorite things!