Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Wonders of Parchment Paper

A few weeks ago, I needed to make six dozen cookies. But not six dozen of one type of cookie. I wanted to make two dozen each of three types of cookies. (It was the only dessert I was serving to company, so I wanted to have a variety.) Also, I needed to bake them very quickly! I accomplished this in less than an hour. From start to finish, making three types of cookie dough and getting six dozen cookies baked, 2 dozen at a time. How'd I do that???

Parchment Paper!

My mom had been using parchment paper for awhile, but I thought it would just be an added expense. Then I noticed that a 30 foot roll was only $1.99. I bought a roll, put it in my kitchen drawer and forgot about it...until the six dozen cookie marathon day. ;-) Wow! It made cookie baking so efficient! I lined two cookies sheets with parchment paper, made the chocolate chip cookie dough and put two dozen in to bake. While they were baking I made the oatmeal cookie dough and got the dough rolled out and placed on more parchment paper on the counter. When the first batch came out I immediately slid the cookies on the parchment paper onto the counter to cool instead of leaving them on the cookie sheets. Then I just slid the prepared oatmeal cookies on parchment paper onto the cookie sheets and popped them in the oven. Did you follow? I did the same thing with the third batch of dough. I was constantly working, never waiting on cookie sheets in the oven or cookie sheets that were cooling. Very speedy! And clean up? With parchment paper there isn't any! ;-) I'm sold!

Have you ever used parchment paper? What did you think?


Kelli said...

I love parchment paper, but some reason never thought to put the cookie dough on ahead of time and then just slid onto the cookie sheet. Great idea! Your cookies look delicious!

Lisa said...

I love parchment paper! Cookies seem to cook better when you line the pan with parchment paper. Like Kelli I never thought about putting the dough on ahead of time. That is a great idea!

Giggles said...

Great idea! You may have to remind me because right now I don't have enough counter space to do this.

Lady Farmer said...

What a great use for parchment paper. I use it when I cook with foil. I don't like foil to touch my food so I put the parchment paper between it and the foil!
I will be trying your idea next time I bake cookies!

Still Learning said...

Yes, parchment paper is fantastic! A real timesaver for certain.