Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~apple butter~

Oh, did my house ever smell GOOD yesterday!
I had some apple butter cooking in the crock pot all day.

I had been planning  to make some this fall,
and realized yesterday morning
that I had all of the ingredients I needed
already in my kitchen!

Run go check!  You might, too. ;-)

The recipe I used can be found 
I just noticed that the recipe says to stir every hour.
Oops!  I didn't stir mine at all and it turned out just fine. ;-)

I think I'll quadruple the batch next time and can some for gifts. :-)

Did you know that you can make apple sauce in the crock pot, too?


loves2spin said...

It never occurred to me to make apple sauce in the crockpot! What a great idea! I do apple butter that way though. My way is to make the applesauce first, then put it in a crockpot and add a lot of brown sugar, a tiny amount of salt and cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice and then let it cook, open, on low, until it is "right." I don't measure anything. I just put in what seems right at the time. Haven't had it fail yet. Yours looks SO yummy!

Anonymous said...

I love apple butter and have 9 boxes of apples waiting to be sauced... Thanks for the inspiration. I will make a few jars of apple butter too! Since we live off grid I think I will try doing it on the woodstove...

Ramblin' Rose said...

Did you know you can substitute apples with pears for the apple sauce and the apple well as in cakes and pies. I have three pear trees all with an abundance of fruit this I've been making crockpot apple(pear)butter/sauce for 3 weeks now...and more to go. Thanks for the recipes. :)

Anonymous said...

I have only made one batch of Apple Butter, but on the stovetop and stood over it a long time stirring often. Was thrilled to find that I could put it in my crockpot instead! My step-father's recipe called for "a cup of chopped pecans" in the last 5 minutes of boiling. I love apple butter and it was so yummy on toast. Not quite sure when I would need to put the pecans in, but probably sooner than that. Thank you and have a wonderful day!