Thursday, August 25, 2011

I admit it -

the members of my family are complete and total...
tortilla snobs.

We DO NOT eat the flour tortillas that are sold in the bread aisle at the grocery store.
If I brought those home, 
Mr. H. might use one as a coaster,
he might throw one like a frisbee,
 but he would never, ever eat one. ;-)

We are lucky enough to have a tortillaria inside our local grocery store.
The tortillas are delicious and fresh every day.
And I have been very happy to buy a bag every other week or so to meet all of our tortilla needs.

But, I've been wondering for awhile now,
could I make some at home???
I remember my parents making them often when I was growing up.

So...we gave it a shot tonight.

I rolled them out and Mr. H. manned the griddle.
And I immediately realized why it always seemed like my parents made tortillas TOGETHER.
It's much easier as a two man job. :-)

Twelve tortillas were eaten in record time.
We all agreed they were better than the tortillaria's. 
And my daughter requested only these from now on. 
I don't think I'll argue with her. :-)


Rita T. said...

We make our own too. The ones in the store become very unappetizing (and costly) when compared to homemade. My husband doesn't help make them, but the kids do so that's good enough for me.

Teresa said...

Are you going to post the recipe? I have always wanted to try it also

Mrs. H. said...

Teresa, I just used the tortilla mix found with the flour at the grocery and followed the directions on the bag. You can make the mix from scratch as well - it's simply flour, lard or tallow, salt and baking soda. I guess the tortilla mix is kinda like using bisquick to make biscuits. ;-) I might try completely homemade next time. Pioneer Woman has a recipe that I found this evening after making mine with the mix. I also think I might keep my eyes out for a tortilla press sometime in the future. :-)

Teresa said...

I will have to look for it next time I am shopping, thank you.

Lesley said...

Our best bites has a great recipe using just flour, shortening, and salt.

mamainthezoo said...

would you please share your recipe?

Mrs. H. said...

Mamainthezoo - I just used the recipe on the back of the tortilla mix. You can find the tortilla mix with the flours at the grocery.