Thursday, March 15, 2012

A cake...made of diapers?!

Have you ever seen a diaper cake?
Have you ever made one?
They are so fun, very easy,
and they make a great decoration for a baby shower.

I've made several over the years,
and just had the opportunity to make one again.
So, come along with me and I'll show you how it's done!

This is what you need -

diapers (newborn size if the shower is before the baby arrives,
or the size the baby is currently wearing - make sure you ask the momma for brand preference)
ribbons (colors that match the baby's nursery are always nice)
border eyelet ribbon (found with the ribbon in the fabric department, sold by the yard, it's like a ribbon with a finished edge)
cardboard cake circle (found in the cake decorating aisle, I usually use a 12" circle)
rubber bands (all sizes)
safety pins
extras - baby clothes, socks, toys, bibs, toiletry items, board books, faux flowers etc. 
(anything really, I've used different things in every cake I've made)
For this cake, I had a package of six pairs of socks, two onesies,
one pair of pants, a bottle of baby wash and baby shampoo.

Step 1 - attach the border eyelet ribbon to the cardboard cake circle
I just use a stapler.  It doesn't have to be perfect. 
 The diapers will cover up the stapled part.

Step 2 - roll the diapers and place a rubber band around each one

The number of diapers you have to work with 
will depend on the size of diapers you purchase.
For this cake, I was using size 3 and I had 76 diapers.

Step 3 - make your layers

Again, it will depend on how many diapers you are using.
Each cake I've made has been a bit different.
Just use trial and error until you get layers that you like.
I did a top layer of 13 diapers.
You stand them on end and then use larger sized rubber bands to hold them in place.

If you don't have anyone close by to lend some extra hands,
by creative!  I like to use this tubberwear pie plate cover 
to hold the diapers up while I get the rubber band around them.

Sometime I put something in the middle of the bottom layer if
I don't have enough diapers to fill it completely.

Put the prepared bottom layer on your cardboard cake circle
and then add another ring of diapers plus the extras you have chosen.

After finishing my layers, I ended up with two diapers leftover so I just threw them into the bottom layer of the cake to give the middle layer more support.

Step 4 - stack your layers

Step 5 - put one of your extras on top of the cake
I often like to use a faux flower or a rattle.
On this cake, I used a blue onesie, rolled up and made to look like a rose.

Step 6 - cover the rubber bands
Use your ribbons to wrap around the layers and cover the unsightly rubber  bands.
Use safety pins to attach the ribbons where they meet at the back of the cake.

Step 7 - add any extra ribbons and bows as you wish

All done! 
These cakes take about an hour to an hour and a half to make.
Less time if you have someone helping you roll the diapers. :-)


A Restful Place said...

That's so cute! :) I love diaper cakes! :)

Kathy C said...

It was a beautiful as it looks!
Great job!