Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Morning Wander

Come on along with me!
It's time to wander around this morning,
before it gets too hot outside.

Here's Miss Dolly. 
She always greets me so sweetly.
She's always been my best girl.
Just an FYI - if you are looking into chicken breeds, I can't recommend 
Buff Orpingtons enough.  They're just sweet. :-)

After saying hello to Dolly,
let's wander around in the gardens.
One of the sunflowers is taller than me now.

I've been watching it everyday waiting for it to bloom!

The mini zinnias are so cute. 
Look at all the buds fixing to bloom!

Let's see what's new over in the vegetable garden.

A cucumber,

green beans growing,

and lots of jalapeños. 

We're going to do a little planting this morning as well.

In the bed that the potatoes and onions had been in,
I'm going to plant some ornamental gourds and corn.
I've never tried to grow anything like this so wish me luck!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

I am going to hold off planting the pumpkin seeds because I've decided to plant them
in the bed that the squash is in right now.  When the crook neck and the zucchini
look like they are about done, I'll plant the pumpkins.  

It looks like the kittens are keeping an eye on us this morning. ;-)

They're just getting so big.

Let's go over and check out the blackeyed susans, too.
Nothing says summertime like they do. :-)

The crepe myrtles are just now starting to bloom now.

And, now, it's about time to go back inside and get some house work done.
All good wanders must come to an end.
But, you can be sure,
I'll be back outside tomorrow morning
just wandering around...
Thanks for wandering with me. :-)


Amber said...

Very beautiful pics!

Tasha said...

I loved wandering with you. Great pictures!