Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PF Chang's Copy Cat Complete!

I've shared recently how much my family enjoys the chinese food restaurant 

And, also, how I enjoy making 
"copy cat" recipes at home.

Our "PF Chang's at Home" meals typically include -

spicy kung pao

But, something has been missing.
If you've ever been to PF Chang's you might have tried their special "house" tea.
It is so very good and one of my favorite parts of eating there.  
I usually go through at least two, if not three, glasses 
to help cool down all of that yummy spiciness. ;-)

Most of the time when we have chinese food at home,
I like to make our tea taste a little like what we get a PF Chang's.
I have brewed Lipton's jasmine passion fruit green tea
and Lipton's mandarin orange green tea.
Both go really well with chinese food, but they don't taste exactly like that
wonderful tea at PF Chang's. 

But, recently I discovered the secret!
Last time we ate at PF Chang's was while we were in Austin celebrating
my daughter's birthday with a group of her friends.
When I ordered my tea I requested the "mandarin tea".
The waiter was a little on the snooty side ;-) and he said, 
"M'am I believe you mean our mango tea."
I replied, "Oh yes, please, thank you."
He left.  Everyone laughed at me ;-) and then I enjoyed my tea.
But...that snooty waiter made me realize that I had been looking 
for the wrong thing at the grocery.
I needed to look for mango tea, not mandarin tea!

I got this box (on clearance for $1!) brewed it up,
poured it over ice and took a sip.
I immediately hollered to Mr. H.,
"Come try this!  I just made PF Chang's tea!!" 

And with that, our PF Chang copy cat meal is now complete. :-)

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