Monday, June 27, 2011

~my spot~

Every wife, mom, "maker of the home"
needs a spot to herself to call her own.

My spot isn't in the bedroom.  I share that room with Mr. H.  It isn't in the kitchen.  Even though that's my favorite place to be, there aren't any chairs in the kitchen. ;-)  And it certainly isn't the most comfortable seat in the living room.  If I chose to make that "my spot" it would always be occupied by someone else! 

This is ~my spot~.
It's in a little alcove off the living room,
that we call the "library".
It's perfect.
When I sit there 
I am accessible to everyone,
but still a little bit removed from all the action.
I have all my books on one side of me,
the fireplace and my desk on the other side.

I sit in "my" rocker.
The rocker I rocked both of my babies in.
The rocker I hope to rock my grand babies in. :-)
This was the first piece of brand new furniture that
Mr. H. and I picked out and bought on our own.
We had been married two and a half years
 when we got it,
but up until then every piece of furniture we 
had ever owned had been a hand-me-down. :-)

Mr. H. found the rocker by himself and 
when he took me by the store to show it to me
I fell in love.
All the rockers we had looked at had seemed so big 
and I told him this one was just my size - 
my feet touched the ground! ;-)

The fabric on my rocker is looking a little worn,
so I have it draped with the quilt that was on
our  bed when we were first married.
We talk of having my rocker reupholstered one day.
Maybe in a faux cowhide!

When I know I have some time to linger in my spot,
I like to make sure to have a nice drink.
Usually coffee in the fall and winter,
but my summertime choice is a big mason jar of tea...
fresh brewed, lots of ice, unsweetened, with lemon. :-)

And, sometimes a snack.
In summertime?  Fresh strawberries!
In the winter?  Usually something not so healthy. ;-)

As you can see I have Miss Daisy's bed placed
conveniently close by.  Though when I am not in my spot
she tends to enjoy spending time in it,  too.

I usually have my current knitting project next to my rocker.

And I keep other projects in a basket right behind me,

along with current magazines and catalogs I like to look through.

This is also where I keep my
"stack" of library books.
Oh, how that stack gets tall in the summertime!! 

I love to have the chess board right here, too.
My son and I are in mid-game as usual.
From my chair I can think about my next move. ;-)

The view in front of me when I'm sitting in my rocker is the front door.
I like this since I can see anyone driving into the drive.

And, right behind me is the barnyard 
where I can easily check on the chickens 
and Miss LuLu. :-)

Sometimes I can go days 
and be so busy  that I never get a chance to sit down
in my special spot.
But, it's always there waiting for me.

Do you have a spot to relax in your home?
If not, I hope you decide to take a little time 
to carve out a special place just for you. :-)

Linked to A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.


Beloved's Bride said...

A very lovely spot indeed! I love your knitting basket, your pile of books and that sweet little doggy friend who has such kind eyes.

Amy said...

I love that! I have an early morning spot for my Bible time, but I have yet to establish any 'spot' for me other than the kitchen ... and I'm thinking you mean something else. Will have to think on this .....

Mary said...

After reading your posts over the years, it dawned on me today that your life, and the life of your family, is the true definition of the "American Dream". You and your husband have worked with your bare hands to make your life one that is filled with the beauty and bounty of God and this country. I am inspired more every day, and am encouraged that with the work of our hands, my husband and I can too build our version American Dream. (It would look very similar to yours!) :)

I love the tortellini salad recipe you recently posted. I will be making it tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. H
Mary said it "perfectly" You are so inspiring!! I love your blog.I check it's so relaxing to me to see what's new in your neck of the make it all look so easy and simple. I'm thinking of a spot for me in my house. Love your ideas..keep em coming..haha


Farrah said...

This does look like a fabulous spot! Happy Summer!

Mrs. H. said...

Thank y'all so much for these sweet comments. Reading these really helps me know that there are other like minded souls out there. Your words inspire ME and I thank you very much!

Mary, I'll always remember that you won the very first giveaway that I ever did. :-)

Amber said...

I love your spot! What a great idea to have a little spot to your own. I don't have one; not really sure where I could have one since our home is pretty tiny. i'll have to do some serious thinking!

Mary said...

Mrs. H,

I will always remember that too because it was an answer to prayer. :) I was just married around the time you had the giveaway, and money was a little tight for little luxuries like stationary. I thought the stationary you were giving away was so beautiful, and when I ended up winning I actually cried a little. :) I still have a sheet of it saved as a reminder of God's faithfulness.

Mrs. H. said...

Well that just made my day! :-) Thank you Mary.

Christa said...

What a perfect spot! I would have the same things at my disposal in my spot (except the knitting) but it is one of my goals. Your summer posts always make me want to sip tea in mason jars with ice. Thanks for the idea, and for sharing your spot!

Anonymous said...

That's a wild looking fireplace!