Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ranch Date

Mr. H. and I have a favorite tradition during the summer to take one night for a ranch date
during the week that our kids are away at church camp.

No one had been out to our ranch since all the Texas rains and flooding had occurred in May. 
We weren't sure what we'd find.  
First up, was a fallen tree across the road that we use on our neighbors property to get to our gate.
We had to off road it a bit through the pasture,
but we made it to the gate. 

We hadn't seen the grass so tall and green in many years.

We were anxious to feed the cows and then get down to the pond and see how it looked.
The cows sure didn't seem as eager as they usually are to get at their sweet feed.
They all looked fat and happy.  I guess from all that green grass that is so prevalent right now!

The pond looked so great!  It looked bigger than it has in 20 years!

Parts that hadn't held water in years, were now full.

When our kids were little, they called this area 
"Camp Camo."  Camp has some water in it now. :-)

Part of the road to the shooting range area of the ranch had eroded away due to all the water.

After we did a lot of looking around, 
we enjoyed being serenaded by the frogs and the crickets,

and just enjoying the peacefulness of sitting out by the pond. 

When we got home and I looked at my pictures, these two of the pond confused me
until I looked closer at the time I took them.
I realized that the last picture I had taken Friday evening was at 8:07 pm,

and the first picture I had taken on Saturday morning,
was at 8:07 am.  And I was standing in the exact same spot by the pond!  

On our way home, I told Mr. H. that I wanted to figure out what all the red wildflowers were on the side of the road that I had been seeing the last few weeks. 

Turns out they're just Indian Blankets,
but without much yellow on the edge like they usually have.

From the road they look completely red.

So pretty!

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