Friday, July 28, 2017

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

There's just nothing like summer, strawberries, and cake and ice cream!

Prepare a white box cake mix according to package directions
Let cool completely.

Soften a carton of Blue Bell Strawberries and Homemade Vanilla 
for a few minutes on the counter.

Slice up a pound of strawberries

and leave a few whole for garnish.

Slice your cake into four layers and place one inside a spring form pan.

Spread a few scoops of ice cream onto the cake

and layer strawberries around the outside.

Repeat layers three times,

spreading strawberries over the top on the last layer.
Cover and place cake in freezer for 12 -24 hours. 

Remove cake from spring form pan and decorate with whipped cream and whole strawberries.


1 comment:

loves2spin said...

Oh my goodness. I think I must have died and gone to Heaven! This looks wonderful and I will definitely make one. Thank you!