Thursday, October 9, 2008


"It doesn't matter what you have, someone else always has something bigger or better. And those decorating magazines can often give us great ideas but also a dose of the "gotta have it" syndrome. Maybe it's time to take a little break. Instead of focusing on "home beautiful", concentrate on what makes your home warm and caring. A place where you can express your God-given talents. No mater how little or how much you have, you can experience the results of a godly home. Make it more of a sanctuary in the best sense. A place of security, trust, and comfort. That comes from you. There's no decorating scheme in the world that can replace the role you play in your home!"

from "The One Minute Home Organizer"
by Emilie Barnes


Earthmommy said...

Wonderful and wise words.

Anonymous said...

i like this- thank you for sharing!

letters to elijah said...

That's a great thought for today! Thanks for sharing.

Linda C said...

So true! What our families need is our love expressed and that is done in many ways--clean towels stacked ready, sock in the drawer... to name just few. I love the quote,"the best things in life aren't things".


Scott and Kerri said...

I love to get those decorating magazines, but find I get the "gotta have it" syndrome. I throw them all away and go back to enjoying my family and my home, and all the Lord has blessed me with.
Thank you for this post! :)
Love Kerri

Wanita said...

Wonderful thoughts!

Have a blessed weekend.