Monday, October 6, 2008

Walkin' on Sunshine Day 1

An early-morning walk
is a blessing for the whole day.
~Henry David Thoreau

Ok ladies - it's time to start! Feel free to post your walking time and/or distance in the comments section. Mine will be in the side bar.

Sunshine Walkers -
the other Mrs. H
Mama Giggles


Christa said...

Hi! the best I could do this morning on the treadmill was 35 minutes. It was before everyone woke up so I am proud of myself for at least getting up and doing it! Thanks for the inspiration!! Lets keep going!!

Mrs. H. said...

Yeah! That is wonderful! Don't you feel good?! :-)

Jennifer said... I walked...the only problem - the dog!! I love my doggie and walking with him - and he LOVES walking with me; however, his idea of a walk is more of a stroll...stopping to smell and investigate every bush and blade of grass that he has sniffed 100 times before!! I did keep my commitment to myself...just not sure how "fat burning" it was!!

My goal at the end of three weeks is to walk three miles (rather ambitious goal for me..but I'll try) so I was hoping to finish a mile today. I can manage that...but today was right around 1/2 mile.

Sad to say - tomorrow....NO DOG!

Good job, Christa!

Renee said...

Great job everyone! I exercised for 30 minutes and know that I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't had the motivation of participating with everyone else.

Giggles said...

Hi! I spent 2.5 hours behind the lawn mower (a Giggles propelled one)so I decided to count that as my walk for the day! :) Depending on the rain and subbing jobs, there will be more of that this week!!

Mrs. H. said...

Giggles, yes that counts! You probably beat us all in milage! :-) Great job everyone! Doesn't exercise lift your spirits? :-)

Lady Farmer said...

I checked in earlier to read your blog and was reminded that I had committed to walking! So I got off the computer and did my one mile to start ( even though it was after 9pm - I'll never sleep tonight! ) Here I am again reporting in. Thanks for keeping me accountable! :~}