Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Giving Thanks ~ Wednesday

Thanksgiving Menu

This week I have been participating in the Giving Thanks celebration, hosted by Kelli, who suggested that participants share their Thanksgiving menus. As we will be travelling to visit family for the holiday, and I will not be hosting this year, I thought I would share the menu from the last time I prepared the Thanksgiving meal. I found the menu, still saved in my computer along with the shopping list, the serving dishes I planned to use, and lots of other details...I'm all about the details. ;-)

*No matter what the menu, though, the most important thing is not what is on the table, but what is around it. :-)*

~Thanksgiving Dinner 2006~

turkey breast

chicken and dressing casserole
baked ham
potato casserole
sweet potato casserole
green been casserole
rio grande dandy green bean salad
sweet salad
cranberry sauce
pickles and olives
dinner rolls
apple pie
pecan pie
pumpkin pie
pumpkin roll
thanksgiving shaped butter cookies
thanksgiving shaped chocolate candies


Well, now, who's hungry? ;-)


Tammy said...

Yum...I was going off to bed now, but I am suddenly hungry!
Is sweet potato casserole anything like candied yams?

I participated in "Giving Thanks" too...:)

Linda C said...

Wow- what a feast! Sounds delicious!
Happy Thanksgiving:)
Linda C

Mrs. Trixi said...

That is a great menu. You have many of our favorites on there.

A Hint of Home said...

That makes my mouth water.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Farrah said...

Good Morning Mrs. H!

Can you please share your recipes? I am cooking the Thanksgiving menu this year for the whole family and would love to have them. I have made several of your items and my family loves them all!

Thank you!

Mrs. H. said...

Hi Farrah,
I would be glad to share the recipes! It will probably later this evening before I will have a chance to post them. :-)

Lisa said...

Well...I know I'm sure hungry now!
I'm going to be sitting at work thinking about Thanksgiving food

ladybugsmom said...

I second what Farrah said, please share recipes. I made your chicken fried steak Monday night and my DH LOVED it! Thanks for inspiring me to try new things.

Lora said...

Well, I'm very hungry now!!:) That sounds delicious!

Rambling Girl said...

Sounds delish! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...


Jennifer said...

Wow....a true feast!! How many folks did you feed? And yes, I was hungry just reading the menu!!

Susie Homemaker said...

You are so right that the most important thing is the people around the table...but your Thanksgiving feast must have made them all very happy...