Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moments of Awareness

"So much of life we all pass by
With heedless ear, and careless eye.
Bent with our care we plod along,
Blind to the beauty, deaf to the song.

But moments there are when we pause to rest
And turn our eyes from the goal's far crest.
We become aware of the wayside flowers,
And sense God's hand in this world of ours.

We hear a refrain, see a rainbow's end,
Or we look into the heart of a friend.
We feel at one with mankind. We share
His griefs and glories, joy and care.

The sun flecks gold thru the sheltering trees,
And we shoulder our burdens with twice the ease.
Peace and content and a world that sings
The moment of true awareness brings."

~Helen Lowrie Marshall

illustration courtesy of
"Autumn Afternoon" by Tin Yan

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