Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st

The first day of December!

It was cold enough this morning
for our first fire in the fireplace!

And, it was the first day of the children's beloved
countdown to Christmas Day calendar!

Happy December First! :-)


Traci said...

We've been lighting a fire for almost a month now....still haven't turned on the heater though. I need to go outside and get some wood....too cold, too lazy....but I must do it.....

I've got to get busy on my decorating or it won't be done in time.

Heather said...

very cute post today! i love your calendar, it's super cute and festive!

Mrs. H. said...

No heater for us either Traci - the children's teeth have to be chattering before we'll turn it on! I much prefer the fireplace and more clothing! ;-)

Thank you Heather - that's my Susan Branch calendar. Love Susan Branch! :-)

Scott and Kerri said...

Mrs H.
I love your advent calendar! Every year I head out to buy one after the holiday for the next year, but they go fast:)