Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Lasting Gifts

So many times dear ones will ask
What would you like this day,
And what would bring you Christmas joy
That I might give away?
A question posed a hundred times,
And yet we do forget
The treasures that would mean the most,
The dearest gifts to get.
Expectancy - rich happiness,
Good health that means so much,
Undying faith in God above,
A loved one's tender touch,
A peace of mind - a happy heart,
A confidence serene,
A worthwhile thought to live and grow,
A lovely lasting dream.
These are the gifts - the lasting gifts -
To treasure through the years,
A zest for living each new day,
A smile instead of fears.
What would you like this Christmas Day?
So much we all possess;
Abundantly our God gives all
In lasting happiness.

~ Garnett Schultz
Ideals Christmas

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Elizabeth G. said...

Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it. Soooo true!