Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Memory Lane :-)

I headed down memory lane this evening
and thought you might like to come along...

wedding day 1994

graduation day 1995

High School Reunion 2000

Las Vegas, Nevada 2002

Family Ranch 2003

BBQ Fort Worth, TX 2004

Cancun, Mexico 2004

Isla Mujeres, Mexico 2004

Texas Stadium 2005

Oahu, Hawaii 2007

Rome, Italy 2007

Ruidoso, New Mexico 2008

Walnut Grove, Minnesota 2008

That was fun!


Kim said...

What lovely photos! It is nice to go down memory lane from time to time. Thank you for a wonderful blog.

Lady Farmer said...

Each new day holds a new adventure with the one we love! It's always exciting to see what is in store for the future and to remember what was done in the past!

Lora said...

I loved your stroll down Memory Lane--makes me want to take my own stroll:)

Christa said...

So cute, thanks for sharing. You and hubbie have travelled quite a bit! Wishing you many more wonderful trips to come! :)

Kristin said...

I remember your sweet wedding. What was the name of that church where you were married? Was it on Old College or somewhere around there? I remember I came by myself. I was married, but I don't know what Terry was doing. I also graduated as a "married woman". I thought that was so normal. I now see how very young I was!

Giggles said...

There was that 12 year old boy again!!!

Renee said...

You've had some wonderful trips! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Mrs. H. said...

I learned something when I went to post pictures of my husband and I - pictures of the two of us together are rare unless we are traveling! ;-) I need to get more pictures of us at home! Plenty of me with the children and him with the children, but we need to take more couple shots. :-)

Still Learning said...

What a neat stroll. You guys sure have travelled a lot. It's always fun to look back isn't it?

Kristy said...

Oh, the places you've been!

Bell said...

You guys are such a cute couple!

Scott and Kerri said...

Mrs. H
I enjoyed the photos. It's so much fun to go down memory lane once in a while. :) (I would love to see more of Italy :)
Love Kerri

kristi said...

i think it's so much fun to see the progression of hubby's beard. did you notice it? he started off clean shaven, and then by the end his beard is really long. awesome!

and yes, you look like a baby in your wedding photo, but then when i look at mine (i got married 2 years after you) i look like one too.

so fun to see these pics!

Mrs. H. said...

Yes! Kristi - I noticed the beard progression, too, after I had them all in order! :-) He had a full beard several times during the winter, but I didn't have any pictures of us handy showing the beard. I love the full beard, but he says it's too hot on his face! ;-)
The wedding picture is my favorite from our wedding day. It's not a formal posed one, and the background is terrible, but it is so "us"! :-)
And yes we were babies!

jenny said...

In my mind Bryan will always be like the first one---how he looked when I first knew him. We always thought he was a combination of Tom Hanks, David Letterman, and Neil Patrick Harris (sorry!). You, of course look no different! Facebook has been a bunch of memory walks lately, too. ;-)

Mrs. H. said...

Hey, Jenny - I had to ask who Neil Patrick Harris was! :-) "Doogie Howser"! And Mr. H. explained why you were sorry. ;-)

And yes, I've been loving the old photos on facebook - yours and have you seen Randy's?