Thursday, March 19, 2009


As we drove into Lafayette, I encounterd a word I had never heard before.

What did it mean?

"Acadiana is the official name given to the French Louisiana region that is home to a large French speaking population. Of the 64 parishes that comprise Louisiana, 22 parishes, or about one-third of the total, make up Acadiana. In 1971 the Louisiana state legislature officially recognized 22 Louisiana parishes for their unique Cajun and Acadian (French Canadian) heritage and made Acadiana the official name of the region." ~ from Wikipedia


Lora said...

I've visited there before. It's very interesting. Isn't that where they have the Acadian village re-created for visitors? I remember really enjoying that.

Mrs. H. said...

Hi Lora,
Are you remembering Vermilionville? It is an acadian folk life park. That is where I took the pictures I posted on Thursday. :-)