Monday, March 2, 2009

"Entertaining at Home" is fun!

Oh did I have fun hosting a Taste of Home's "Entertaining at Home" party a few weeks ago! Have you heard of it? I love Taste of Home - we go way back! ;-) Some friends are Entertaining at Home consultants. To host - I mailed invites, opened my home and provided refreshments. The consultants did everything else. So fun! And check out my goodies...
"italian stitch" espresso set
for Mr. H.

a lovely and practical
gramercy cookbook shelf

can't wait to try out this
mandoline slicer

and lov-ing these!
venetian plaque medallions

Not hung yet, but are planned to "fancy up" the master bath.


them. :-)

The best part? The party earned me $50 in free product, 3 half priced items and no shipping charges. Pretty cool. :-) All the guests also got a February special free gift with purchase. And since most of the things I chose were on clearance, my "Entertaining at Home" goodies cost me all of $20 ~ total. Definitely worth the effort. ;-)
and host a party today!


Still Learning said...

I love having home parties. They are so much fun.

Jennifer said...

That is quite a lot of goodies for $20!! Sounds like a lot of fun...did you have to have many ladies there? Whenever I have home parties, it never seems to fail...everyone is all interested in the beginning but over half cancel out the day of the frustrating!!

By the way, I LOVE the espresso set!

Mrs. H. said...

I sent out 45 invitations (only to people I really thought would be interested in the products) and I had 10 attend. And about 10 others truly wanted to attend, but couldn't because of schedule conflicts. According to the consultants, 10 was a successful party! :-)

Mama Hen said...

I too love Taste of Home magazine. I just renewed my subscrition. I love the medallions!