Monday, April 20, 2009

Look who I caught enjoying the sunshine today...

...Miss Daisy girl.

All this relaxing can be a little tiring. ;-)

Doesn't she have the life?! :-)


KinaBolina said...

What a cutie pie!
xoxo Caroline

RoseyDow said...

Hi Mrs. H.,
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These don't have to be new articles. They can be "recycled" if that's best for you.

Warm wishes!
Rosey Dow

Jennifer said...

:) So sweet!

Donna said...

Mrs. H.,

My friend, Jennifer, who had the last comment on this post, introduced me to your blog back in November and I have so enjoyed reading your posts--but this is my first time commenting!

I really like all your craft ideas and recipes. Just the other day I fixed the chicken with lemon sauce. The dish was very good. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

katie said...

Love the slumbering dog.
I found your nice blog throught Dog Trot Farm, will be coming back to visit.


Shermanators said...

Oh cute! My childhood dog was named Daisy Mae and looked very similar to yours except she was speckled with black and grey hair. She's been playing in puppy heaven for just over 10 years now...I still miss her! Your dog is so cute!