Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 10

location ~ kitchen

cleaned and organized ~ dishes and glasses cabinets

I think with Day 10 I will stop posting each day. I do plan to continue a small cleaning and organizing project on most days throughout the rest of April and May. I will be working in our master bathroom next. I hope you continue to tackle a small thing each day. I enjoyed reading what each of you were working on. Did you discover how much can really be accomplished in regular, small blocks of time?

Little by little our spring cleaning will bring big rewards!
What did you work on today? Please share! :-)


Lady Farmer said...

I cleaned off the top of the bookshelves/curio cabinet in the living room ~ washed and replaced items, dusted and reorganized. Also, completely cleaned the refridgerator! This wasn't on my list, but a jar of spilled homemade pickles convinced me otherwise! ;~} Wow! maybe I should spill things more often! The refridge never looked so good! And organized!

Deb said...

I am glad you posted your spring cleaning. It was nice to see what everyone was working on. I think I am about done for now but I have a high school graduation at the end of next month so I will be trying to keep our house as cleam as possible from now until then so there is less to do at the last minute.