Monday, April 13, 2009

Meanwhile back at the ranch... ;-)

A quick little trip out to my in-laws ranch this evening,
for our turn to feed the cows.

Here they come - they know the sound of supper! ;-)

I've always loved cows.


It's something about their sweet eyes.

It's like they're trying to tell me something. :-)

Well, except for Samson the Bull.
All his eyes are telling me is that he's onry. ;-)

The ranch hands always take a spin on the 4wheelers,

after the work is done.

It's tradition. :-)


Lisa said...

I have always loved cows too. You are right about their eyes. My grandparents had cows when I was growing up. I used to spend hours down by the pasture watching them. A few of them would let me pet them (especially if I had brought them a treat!). There was one named Annie that was my grandmother's pet. Her mother had abandoned her and so she was raised by my grandmother.

Southern Charm said...

Looks like fun!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing. I just love cows and would love to be able to help out with them :) They are so cute and fun to watch :)

texasmcvays said...

I love cows too! My favorites are ribeye, T-bone & hamburger is a mainstay! Seriously, though one of my favorite parts about our drive home are the cows. Glad you all had fun yesterday. BTW Wayne did find the Meyer's at the store. See you soon.

Lady Farmer said...

I love cows too! Always had them growing up on my grandparents farm. I had to milk the cows and feed calves and clean the barn. I especially loved feeding the calves ~ mixing up their milk. I still can smell it ~ I thought it was heaven! And speaking of smells ~ did you know cow breath repels mosquitos? :~P

KinaBolina said...

Sweet moo eyes! You're a lucky lady to be connected with animals.
xoxo Caroline

Jennifer said...

Even as a city girl (pretty much)..I have always loved cows as well. If ever I could be would be to a dairy farm. Oh - and a little four wheeling would hurt, either ! :)