Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 6

location ~ kitchen

cleaned ~ window

organized ~ utensil drawer

What did you work on today? Please share! :-)


Lady Farmer said...

In the Sewing Room ~Finished up a long awaited project for mother-in-law! Now have more room for more projects! :~} Not exactly my idea of spring cleaning, but it did clean out my U.F.O.s!

Heather said...

ooh i also organized my cooking utensil drawer, my utensil turn-around holder on the counter, the everyday utensil drawer and the tupperware cabinet yesterday. then i organize Ella's closet. And boy did it feel good to get those things done!

KinaBolina said...

I'm cleaning all the rugs today! I love the way freshly cleaned rugs look...just like brand new. :)

Deb said...

I cleaned and straightened more cupboards in my kitchen and then gave my kitchen floor a good scrubbing.

Mrs. H. said...

Good work everyone! Thanks for sharing your progress.

KinaBolina - the last time I washed the rugs in the bathroom, my husband asked me if I had gotten new rugs! Ha! ;-)