Friday, May 29, 2009

Summertime Hutch

It's time to take the spring banner down and the china out of the hutch, and replace them with my summer things.

My ice cream sundae glasses.

My Susan Branch "Summer" book.

And a beatiful flower that my son made me
to match my dishes!

It looks like summer! :-)


KinaBolina said...

I love Susan Branch, I have all her (non keepsake) books. Your dinnerware and hutch are so beautiful!

Step said...

Ah lovely! I can see that you like dishes too. It's one of my weaknesses. Put me in a pfaltzgraff store and I'm giddy. I have some Yorktown pieces myself and Winterberry Christmas dishes. Love your ice cream dishes -- so summery.

Melinda said...

I love Susan Branch too, especially the summer book. Your summer dishes are lovely and bring such a light and airy touch to the room, perfect for carefree summers.

ladybugsmom said...

I'm a dish-a-holic also, so I can totally appreciate the excitement that comes with changing the dishes at the change of the seasons. All you need now is a touch of red and you'll be all decked out for the Fourth of July!

Sharon said...

Beautiful Mrs. H :) Your dishes are so pretty :) I also love Susan branch, her books are so charming :) What I like the most is the precious flower your son made :) How beautiful!

have a glorious day!