Monday, June 1, 2009

She's in the army now... ;-)

N0, not really - just BOOT CAMP!
And they don't call it that for nothin' let me tell you.

5:30 AM!!
More Running!
Push Ups (I had to do the modified kind!)
Sit Ups (I tried, really I did! I kept looking for the person that is supposed to sit on your feet...)
We're running again???
Walking (thank you!!!)
My daughter took this picture after I got home. (I am not as happy as I look!) It was very, very hard. But, I am hoping it is going to be very, very worth it in the end!
Also be able to move tomorrow! ;-)


Teresa said...

Good for you!!! Maybe I will get motivated by reading about your adventure:)Let us know how it goes!

Still Learning said...

Good heavens, boot camp kicks booty. You are very brave. I hope you can move tomorrow too, lol. I swam laps for thirty minutes yesterday and I'm dying today.


kristi said...

woot! way to go friend!

Christa said...

so...... funny. Good luck to you! I have been so bad, I need to go to boot camp too. I am not brave enough though. My friend did it and I thought she was CRAZY for PAYING people to do this to her! She used to wear a flashlight on her head because it was so dark. She stuck with it. I am proud of her AND proud of YOU! :D