Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's the first day of fall!

No matter how busy the day,
there are a few simple things that are
first day of fall traditions for me. :-)

using autumn paper plates at breakfast

drinking hazlenut coffee

eating honey crisp apples for snack

listening to my favorite
"autumn soundtrack"

making the house smell like
apples and cinnamon

and putting out a few more fall decorations

like this beautiful leaves and acorns plate
that my sister made for me last year
What do you like to do to celebrate the first day of fall?? :-)


Anonymous said...

Celebrate Bilbo Baggins' birthday. :-)

hobbit at heart

Mrs. H. said...

My family is planning to watch a Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon one weekend this fall! :-)

kristi said...

how funny is this: as i was scrolling through this post, i started imagining i was smelling cinnamon. i just bought honey crisp apples today. at whole foods. over $4 for THREE. i hope they are as good as everyone says. i have never tried them!

KellyinPA said...

I bought honeycrisp apples today too! And ate one for an evening snack;)