Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a treat!

A trip to Martha's Bloomers.

Featured in Southern Living magazine's list
of "Top 50 Shops" and list of "Top 10 Tea Rooms in Texas".
And home to the world's largest teapot!

Lovely blossoms

and blooms

everywhere you look.

And a cozy tea room

to enjoy lunch.
(I had the quiche and roasted red pepper soup!)

A pot of Martha's Bloomers famous
orange spice tea,

and lovely desserts

complete the visit. :-)


Teresa said...

Mrs. H could you tell me where this is? I am visiting Texas next year and would love to take my MIL and SIL here. I think they would really like it.~Teresa

Mrs. H. said...

Martha's Bloomers is in the small town of Navasota - which is in south, central Texas. Click on the words "Martha's Bloomers" under the picture of the sign and that will take you to their website that has more info and directions. Hope you get to make a visit! :-)

Still Learning said...

Oh, I just love fun places like that. Hope you had a wonderful time.