Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tips

Heritage Schoolhouse introduces...

~Tuesday Tips~

Since I love to collect little household hints, tricks, and tips,
I thought I'd start sharing them with you each week!

This week's tip - the best way to clean your microwave.
I've been doing this for years and it works like a charm. :-)

Into a microwave safe dish, squeeze the juice of one lemon and add a cup of water. Microwave the mixture for 3-5 minutes or until the water comes to a boil. Leave in the microwave for 10 minutes without opening the door. (This allows the steam to condense on the walls and roof of the oven.) When the time is up, use a soft dishcloth or paper towel to wipe out the microwave. Everything will come up so easily - no elbow grease required! Your microwave will look and smell sparkly fresh and clean! :-)


Lady Farmer said...

I clean my microwave nearly the same way. I cut up already squeezed lemons into a dish of water and boil in the microwave. It works so well and smells nice, too!
Thanks for the tip and the reminder ~ I need to clean my microwave!

Carrie said...

Have never heard of this...can't wait to try it!