Friday, February 20, 2009

A Knitted Bag

I knitted a bag this week
with a bargin bin skein of Red Heart "Grande" yarn in linen.

Just a simple long rectangle folded over and pieced
with straps added.
I think I might make another one a bit wider
- it would be perfect for a child's library book bag. :-)


Lady Farmer said...

Perfect for an adult library book bag, also! :~P

kristi said...

very cute!

Jennifer said...

How nice - a perfect bag for quite a lot of things!

Heather said...

looks great! perfect for books, magazines, your bible!

Jayme Soller said...

Very cute bag!! Do you have any recommendations on books or things like that, that teach to knit. I've wanted to learn for awhile now. and I don't know anyone that knits.

crystal said...

Very cute, I can think of lots of things for that bag to be used for.