Monday, August 9, 2010

The chicks are 2 weeks old!

They are growing up so fast! :-)
We raised the heat lamp again today.
The chicks are now comfortable at 85 degrees.
And we have the brooder covered with netting in case any of the chicks get too ambitious and try to fly up to the edge!
This is Tammy. She is very loud when we handle her.
From daily observation I had not noticed ear formation beginning, but saw it right away after uploading the 2 week pictures.
Did you know that a hen's ear color will be the same as the color of eggs that they lay?
Loretta Lynn had me concerned she was "pasting up" during her first week. She is doing just fine now.
And Dolly. Her feathers are coming in at such a beautiful color.
Emmy Lou's feathers are getting more red. It is so much easier to quickly tell the three yellow chicks apart now!
And Miss Patsy, the easiet to handle the first week, now our little stinker! She also seems to be the tallest of the five so far.

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