Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~Simple Christmas Joys~ Day 1

Our countdown to Christmas calendar!


ladybugsmom said...

It's so cute! Do you fill it with something special? One of these days I'll get my act together and make one.

Mrs. H. said...

Yes, the children get a treat every evening. Sometimes it's candy that fits in the box. Other times it's a craft or something that doesn't fit inside and then they get a little note telling them where to look to find it!

My sister gave us this box years ago and we love it. I have seen several ideas on the web to make your own. One cute one used a muffin tin -

Some things are surprises, but they know every year to expect a popcorn tin on a Friday for movie night, a box of chocolate covered cherries one night, and an ornament.

It's a tradition that I don't think they'll ever grow out of. ;-)

ladybugsmom said...

I saw that one! Its adorable. I always say I'll make one over the summer, but then the heat comes and the desire fizzles.

I like the idea of leaving them notes where to find things, and I'm totally going to borrow the popcorn tin and movie. My two have been asking me to buy A Charlie Brown Christmas, they'd love getting a popcorn tin with it. Thanks!