Monday, January 24, 2011

The start of the barnyard!

Mr. H. has started to build a barnyard.

He is using some existing structures, but changing things up a bit.

He's taking down some fences to reuse in other ways.

And making room for animal pens.
 He'll also be extending the chicken yard.

The girls will be so pleased.
(Though they aren't too fond of the power tools being used right now!)

I'm not really sure what the finished result will look like.
It's all in Mr. H.'s head right now!

But, as always, I love to watch the process! 


Giggles said...

Glad he has something in his head. I almost held his Bible for ransom last night!

Mrs. H's mom said...

Can't wait to see what all is going on back behind your house. Your egg count is coming right along. The girls must be very happy. *